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The bread basket is an essential part of the dinner, used for carefully placed round bread rolls or long loaves. It is also known as a bread plate. The bread plate keeps the bread warm and clean while protecting it from crumbs or dripping butter. 

Baskets or 'bannetons' made from cane and baskets made from wood fiber with a spiral pattern leaves behind a beautiful spiral shape as a print on the crust, a popular characteristic of rustic, hand-made loaves. 

The bread basket is an integral part of the dinner table. It is a functional item used to carry bread and meal rolls while serving them. 

The bread basket has evolved over the course of time. 

In medieval Europe, the bread baskets were of wood and held the bread in a round shape. Later the wooden baskets were replaced by woven baskets made of cane. These baskets were shaped like a cylinder so that one could hold the bread in a round shape. 

Bread Baskets manufactured by textile manufacturers are used to embrace bread during the process of baking. 

Look for different ways of decorating the bread basket

These are made out of a range of materials from linen, cane, stainless steel, and even plastic. 

Here's a detailed study on the use of various types of textile linen for the kitchen.

They are generally used to carry or display bread. There are many reasons why bread is carried in a bread basket. Some of the reasons include giving it an aesthetic appeal, preventing it from sticking to its wrapping or food packaging, for convenience (as it will be ready on the table before the oven-baked bread is ready) and to prevent damage to delicate heads of freshly baked bread. Bread baskets have been there for decades, but there has been a large shift in their popularity and usage in recent years. They are usually made in a wide range of materials like wood, metal, and even plastic. 

Bread baskets are normally a part of dining tables; they are also available in bakeries and supermarkets. Nowadays, bread baskets are used not only to hold bread rolls but can also be used to present food items such as cheese cubes, dried fruits, olives, pickles, etc., during a dinner party. 

The Bread basket is an integral part of any dinner table. A dinner table without the bread basket looks incomplete and boring. 

In many cultures, a bread basket is served at the dinner table; it holds the crumbs of the bread or rolls that have been eaten. It is normally placed on a separate plate or tray, in a different place from the plates holding the food. 

A bread basket is a basket for carrying or holding bread or bread rolls. A proofing basket lends support and shape to the dough during proofing.

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